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Arts or Crafts
Happy Holy Days
Arts or Crafts
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Arts or Crafts


Featured Production

This production was created during  a Fulbright residency at the University of Patras. The devised show examined the public art (statues, graffiti and the local beauty)   throughout the entire campus. The thirty separate scenes examined political, historical and contemporary Greek issues.



University of Patras, Greece (Guest Director)

A Private Response to Public Art (a devised, site-specific production) | 2016

Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL

Arts or Crafts | 2015

A very professional production from top to bottom. | Jacksonville Today

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region III, Milwaukee, WI

Arts or Crafts (also playwright). Selected for closing-night encore performance as Best in Region

(Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana) | 2008

Arthur Seelen Theatre, New York, NY

Arts or Crafts (also playwright). Professional reading of original play Off-Broadway | 2007

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 

Thus With a Kiss I Die (Immersive theatre)  | 2018

Happy Holy Days (also playwright) | 2011

Best new play nomination regional theatre award

Arts or Crafts (also playwright) | 2007

Best New Play, regional theatre award

Smart, fast and fun. | City Pulse

Summer Circle Theatre, East Lansing, MI (also Artistic Director)

The Amazing America Road Trip (also playwright) | 2017

It brings historical perspective to today’s poltical climate and maybe some hope for better listening. | Greater Lansing Ubirquitous Theatre

The Summer Circle (also playwright) | 2014

Playful, poignant premiere works on every level. | Encore Michigan

Renegade Theatre Festival, Lansing, MI

6 Actors, 2 Characters, 1 Scene | 2013

A fascinating, beautifully performed examination of the art and magic of acting. | City Pulse

Comfort Food | 2012

A highlight of the festival! | City Pulse

Happy Holy Days (Reading; also Playwright) | 2010

Florida Studio Theatre, Sarasota, FL |equity production

The Infinite Typing Pool, part of the New Playwrights Festival | 2004


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