The Introverted Actor
The Introverted Actor

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Roadblocks in Acting
Roadblocks in Acting

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Inner Monologue in Acting
Inner Monologue in Acting

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The Introverted Actor
The Introverted Actor

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The Introverted Actor: Practical Approaches, with Carolyn Conover and Heidi Kasevich, PhD. Palgrave| 2020

Book examining ways to transform professional and educational practices to be more inclusive to introverted actors. 

Reforming Theatre Education from Its Extrovert-Based Model, Chapter in "Creative Theory and Action in Drama and Theatre Education," ed. Suzanne Burgoyne, Springer | 2018

Book chapter examining the need to rethink current practices in the theatrical classroom to include introverted learners in methodologies like improvisation and ensemble-building.

Roadblocks in Acting, Palgrave Macmillan | 2017

Hardcover, paperback, and e-editions. Book for actors and educators that provides a systematic approach

to overcoming the self-imposed psychological roadblocks that impede an actor’s creative freedom when

performing. Written under the guidance of four psychology experts, this book examines common issues

that plague many actors. Also contains an examination of the ethical boundaries related to teaching acting.

This insightful and inspiring book clearly hits the mark in its aim to give tools to actors who keep making the same choices over and over again or for those who want to push themselves out of their comfort zones into highly charged performances. For those willing to dive into the exercises honestly, it is a true actor’s guide in self-discovery and self-awareness, offering useful psychological concepts to develop the actor’s instrument in a healthy way. If you are an acting teacher, director or coach, you will find it invaluable in aiding students to overcome their blocks. |  Methods: A Journal of Acting Pedagogy, Volume 3 Fall 2017

Inner Monologue in Acting, Palgrave Macmillan| 2013

Hardcover, paperback, and e-editions. Textbook for actors, directors and educators that examines the

question, “What should an actor be thinking onstage?” Combines psychological and practical perspectives

for harnessing personal inner thoughts and transferring them to the thoughts of the character. Worked

with psychology experts to codify a systematized approach to acting.

Offers actors a surprisingly concrete way to understand and approach the thoughts of the character.

This is a great book. Highly recommended. | CHOICE Magazine, ALA

Collaboration in Theatre: A Practical Guide for Designers and Directors, Palgrave Macmillan| 2009

Co-Author (with Kirk Domer) of textbook chronicling the creative

process for successful collaboration between theatrical designers and directors.

This book will surely become a handy guide to all who venture to collaborate in theatre—and in life | Theatre Topics

Articles & Essays

“Evil Dead The Musical: Revulsion and Convulsion in ‘The Splatter Zone" Essay, Evil Dead Anthology,

            eds. Ron Riekki and Jeffrey Sartain, MacFarland Books | 2018

“Creative Collaboration,” Choros International Dance Journal, Issue 5, Spring | 2016

Peer-reviewed article examining collaborative process devised during residency in Greece.

“Transforming Actor Education in the Digital Age,” Theatre Topics Online, Volume 25, Number 3 | 2015

Peer-reviewed article advocating the transformation of traditional actor education in the digital age.

“Virtual Design in Theatrical Contexts: Live Actors Inhabiting a Virtual Space,” Design Principles and

            Practices: An International Journal, Vol. 3, CG Publishers | 2009

Peer-reviewed article.

“Inner Monologue—Creating Connections,” Players’ Journal, Vol. 2, 1 | 2007

Peer-reviewed article chronicling the successes of self-designed acting.

“What Makes it Great?” Muses | 2006

Article on Stephen Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park with George.