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Arts or Crafts
President's Day
Thus With a Kiss I Die
Be. Longing.
Happy Holy Days
Comfort Food
Project 60/50


President’s Day, Greenhouse Theatre Ensemble, New York, NY | 2017

Jury selected play (from 800 submissions) for ten-minute theatre festival.


Be. Longing. United Arab Emirates First International Theatre Festival.| 2017

New play about cultural identity premiered at the American University of Sharjah.


Comfort Food, Original Works Publishing | 2015

Play written to participate in the Big Ten Theatre Initiative’s mission to dramatize special collections of member libraries. MSU’s vast American Historical Cookbook collection — including first American cookbook from 1790 — sourced to explore how food shapes our culture. Caterers recreated the collection’s

historic recipes for audience consumption, and recipes were translated into modern measurements and distributed.

Roznowski’s well-researched history of American cookbooks was a gourmet extravaganza of

changing social attitudes mixed with a powerful feminist political agenda. Comfort Food explores the nuances of relationships through attitudes towards cooking and cookbooks over the ages. | City Pulse


60/50 Theatre Project, MSU Department of Theatre | 2014

Premiered in the Department of Theatre at MSU to write a “happening” exploring civil and human rights at Michigan State University as part of a year-long examination of the 60th anniversary of Brown vs. Board

of Education and the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.

  • MSU Excellence in Diversity Award | 2015

  • Regional Award for Best New Script | 2015


A Constant Disappointment, Abingdon Theatre Company, New York, NY | 2012

Short play presented as part of The Denial Plays: Abingdon Theatre Benefit Challenge. Jury selected.


Happy Holy Days | 2011

Full-length play performed:

  • Michigan State University (world premiere)

  • Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, New York, NY (developmental workshop)

  • Renegade Theatre Festival, Lansing, MI (staged reading)

Much has been written about the role that religion continues (or discontinues to play) in the

onslaught of the holiday season. This theme has been dissected, examined and explored with equal parts sincerity and ironic distance, but perhaps none has managed to do it so philosophically electric as MSU’s premier Department of Theatre production of Happy Holy Days. | Revue Magazine


Arts or Crafts, Full-length play published in paperback format by:

  • Norman Maine Plays Publisher | 2011

  • Big Dog Plays Publisher (edited and abridged for Young Audiences)| 2011

      Available by permission for performances within the U.S., and previously performed:

  • Michigan State University (world premiere) | 2011

  • New York, NY| 2011

  • Kansas City| 2011

  • Milwaukee| 2011

  • New York, NY| 2012

  • Orlando, FL (winner Audience Choice Award and among Best of the Orlando Fringe) | 2013

  • Petersburg, AK | 2014

  • Atlanta, GA  (new scenes added) | 2015

  • Jacksonville, FL (new scenes added) | 2015

  • Holt, MI (new scenes added) | 2016

Roznowski’s contemplative sketch comedy offers fresh perspectives…just when a scene verges on sanctimony

he corrupts it with a joke; just when a scene gets too jokey he arrives at an insight. | Kansas City Pitch


Rob Roznowski's extremely funny play "Arts or Crafts" is a series of vignettes that might make

audience members think about how we define art as a society – if only they can catch their breath

from laughing so hard. | Orlando Sentinel

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