Murder for Two
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Legally Blonde
The Who's Tommy
She Loves Me
Legally Blonde
The Life
The Who's Tommy


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Unable to reconcile the use of the term "Indian" in the script of Peter Pan with its dated original intent, Rob set the action in colonial India. The Lost boys were mixed race children born of British officers and Indian women, the Darlings were a British family stationed there, the Pirates were a female "Fishing Fleet" sent to iIndia to distract the English officers from Indian women and the Indians were played by the MSU Bhangra team. The show incorporated traditional Indian dance and theatrical techniques.

Lost Boys
Lost Boys
The Darlings
The Darlings
The Pirates
The Pirates
Lost Boys
Lost Boys
Peter and Wendy
Peter and Wendy
Captain hook and Tiger Lily
Captain hook and Tiger Lily


Williamston Theatre, Williamston, MI  |equity theatre

Murder for Two | 2017

The direction by Rob Roznowski can only be described as brilliant. | Lansing State Journal

The Big Bang | 2014

Brilliantly directed by Rob Roznowski  | Lansing State Journal

Performance Network, Ann Arbor, MI  |equity production

The Big Bang| 2014

Director Rob Roznowski and his cast make the most of the material. | Ann Arbor News

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 

Peter Pan | 2014

It is not possible to crow too loudly about MSU’s production of Peter Pan…Director Rob Roznowski

made bold and creative choices. The first was to set the action in colonial India, which allowed him

to tap experts from across MSU. | City Pulse

Xanadu | 2013

It took courage, or maybe just bravado, to put on this wild roller disco musical. “Xanadu” featured

a crazy mix of really good roller-skating (thanks to the Lansing Derby Vixens), singing, dancing,

humor and audience participation antics. The result was unadulterated fun. | City Pulse

Legally Blonde | 2012

Award-worthy show from director Rob Roznowski | City Pulse

Evil Dead, the Musical | 2010

  • Included initiative with East Lansing Film Festival and “On-Camera Acting” Master Class

with star of original The Evil Dead)

  • Best Director of a Musical nomination, regional theatre award

Director Roznowski has done a fine job staging the “Dead.’ | City Pulse

The Who’s Tommy | 2009

Worked with video game designers to create new Wii game

A masterpiece…techno-wizardry of the highest caliber. | City Pulse

Cabaret | 2008  Best Director and Best Musical Award, Lansing State Journal

A brilliantly staged show. | City Pulse

She Loves Me | 2007

 Best Director and Production nominations, regional theatre award

Rob Roznowski directs this quick, seamless production, taking full advantage of every opportunity

to illustrate the written word. | City Pulse

The Life (university premiere) | 2005

Bravo to Michigan State for taking on this adult musical. | City Pulse

Schoolhouse Rock Live! (also Choreographer) | 2005

Best director, choreographer and musical award nominations for regional theatre

Turns out MSU’s production is one of the unexpected sleeper hits of the current theatre season with a

choreographic energy that doesn’t quit and some of the best belted-out musical numbers of the year. | City Pulse

Summer Circle Theatre, East Lansing, MI (also Artistic Director)

Amour| 2018

You will fall in love with Amour. | Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre

Mr. Burns, a post electric play | 2015

Intelligent and thought-provoking. | Encore Michigan

A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine (also Choreographer) | 2006

The jokes come a mile a minute in this production. | City Pulse

Jacksonville Stage Company, Jacksonville, FL |equity production

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change  | 2004

Stephens College, Columbia, MO |august 1999 – june 2001

The Rocky Horror Show (also Choreographer)

The director decided to cast and costume away from what was done in the movie. The result was a

production that was fresh and enchanting and full of surprises. In crossing against our expectations

it renewed the shocks and surprises we felt when we first saw ‘Rocky Horror.’ | Mid-Missourian

Quite original….it was something different for the Rocky purist, and a fun taste of the cult

participation for the uninitiated. A good time was had by all. | Crazed Imaginations