The Amazing America Road Trip, Lazy Bee Publishers | 2017

A new play for young audiences for professional summer theatre.

Playwirght/director Rob Roznowski has done it again with a marvelous family road trip fable for children—but very relevant to us adults as well. | Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre

The Tail of Peter Rabbit, Big Dog Publishing | 2016

A new musical (score by Chelle Peterson) for young audiences for professional summer theatre.

  • Best New Play-- Lansing State Journal.

Rob Roznowski followed two great traditions for his new play for young audiences... The story is from Potter and the style is pure Looney tunes. As family theatre it has something for both kids and parents alike. | Encore Michigan

Mount Olympus Junior High, MSU Department of Theatre | 2016

A new musical (score by Seth Burk) for young audiences for professional summer theatre. Subsequent production at Waverly Middle School, Lansing MI.

Rob Roznowski took these powerful beings and placed them in the most awkward of places—junior

high. It deals with acceptance and finding one’s true self, but it never gets preachy. | Encore Michigan

The Summer Circle, Brooklyn Publishers | 2015

Play for young audiences for professional summer theatre. Subsequently produced at MSU’s The Big Event and Mallard Creek Arts High School in Charlotte, NC.

  • Winner Best Theatre for Young Audience—Wilde Awards

  • Nominated for Best New Play—Wilde Awards

While billed as a children’s show, this is a play for all ages, for it has great depth that speaks to child and adult alike. Children will enjoy the energetic fun, while parents can appreciate the risk these children take in becoming best friends and fully committing to each other knowing they will lose each other at summer’s end. | Encore Michigan


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